About Me

"Music is the inarticulate speech of the heart, which cannot be compressed into words because it is infinite." -Wagner

I began my musical journey as a young piano player. I had a natural ear and a teacher that encouraged my parents to keep me involved in music. When I got older I migrated to the guitar and joined a rock band, and before long I was the lead singer in a group that got to write its own songs and play in front of big audiences. While the band life was an amazing experience I had always dreamed of being a composer, and in my spare time, I would occasionally compose short piano pieces. In 2012 I applied to a conservatory and submitted one such piano piece for a scholarship opportunity. I was accepted and bestowed a grant based on my composition. While at university I learned the fundamentals of part writing and counterpoint and was given the chance to train under a professional composer. I learned the art of conducting and writing for strings in my last year at the college and graduated in 2015 with honors. I took the following year to further my education in orchestration, utilizing Walter Piston's book "Orchestration" to build off of what I had already learned. I studied scores from Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and, Brahms extensively. 

      In 2017 I completed my first work for full orchestra-Ad Victoriam. The piece was inspired by the nationalist movements in Europe and America in response to uncontrolled immigration. Today I feel that as an artist I have a responsibility to call attention to certain issues but also to support the people who believe in preserving our artistic traditions. I believe that the Western tradition of music is a wonderful achievement and that it must be maintained. Art has the power to evoke in us something spiritual and it is my assertion that the West is in need of some spiritual reinvigoration.  For too long the West has allowed itself to forget and even betray the qualities which made it so extraordinary. I'd ask that every supporter of mine, and any supporter of Western arts, recognize that this piece of culture is our heritage, and that we have the right and responsibility to preserve our traditions.

Today I am resolved to present new music to the public. In the spirit of Western tradition, I'll continue to write works that acknowledges this great art form. At the same time, it is necessary for "Classical" music to evolve. Not in the degenerate fashion of 20th century conceptual artists like Cage and other "modernist" figures. The age of revolting "art" designed to confound and alienate is over. Now we must create new music that acknowledges the beauty of tradition rather than rejecting it and attempts to build bridges between the past and future. We artists must make our work more palatable and accessible without sacrificing the depth and meaning that our fore bearers employed in their work. This is my calling. My hope is that this music, while just a small contribution to an expansive art, will inspire us all to reach new heights and perhaps, awaken a love that brings us together.